Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

At each table setting at the wedding last weekend, there were conversational cards called Table Topics. The questions were intriguing and made for perfect Thursday Thoughts. I took Dave and mine and I hope to pick up the box to have all the questions.

Which is more important: intelligence or common sense?


D said...

I think this is cheating.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

That's a very interesting point. And being a very apathetic person - I can see both sides to the argument.

Intelligence is importnat - one could argue that without intellect, one would lack necessary common sense. Can you really have one without the other? However, I've know several highly intellectual people who have very little or limited social skills. And their particular 'common sense' (meaning 'street smarts') is very lacking.

I suppose it ALSO depends on how one defines 'common sense'. A good head on your shoulders, perhaps? An ability to see/sense/act upon right and wrong? But without the intellect to follow through on these notions, where does that leave you?

So - I guess first we should define 'intellect' and 'common sense' for this purpose - and THEN argue our way through :)

I can't say which quality I would rather posses. There are merits to both.

But as Peter Parker's uncle once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." Whichever one I ended up with, I would hope that I would use it well.

Nice post Meredith! What about you?

Michelle said...

As with most things in life, it depends on the situation, but in general, probably common sense . . . .

Val said...

Hehe, and I thought the opposite. With intelligence, you could reason through everything you'd be faced with. Common sense wouldn't necessarily guide you through equations and quantum physics ;)

Michelle said...

"D", it may be cheating, but she's getting some interesting, thoughtful responses! ;-)