Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Leaving, Again

2009 seems to be the year of travel. We've been to Chicago, North Carolina, Boston, Alabama, Yellowstone, Idaho, and tomorrow we leave for the OC. This is the closest to a "vacation" we're going to get this year. We didn't choose this one, though. Yep, we're going to Laguna Beach because I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding this weekend. OMG!

The week will be filled with "festivities". All of which I have to wear a dress for. Gah! (I'm sure pictures will be taken.) But, I'm still making time to do things I want to do. Because of my broken finger I can't play in the ocean or pool like I want to, however, I plan on at least sticking my toes in the ocean. My aunt and uncle live in the area and we're getting together for coffee (or in my case, hot chocolate). And finally, I've got a long run planned with my friend jeff and some of his running friends.

If anyone else wants to hook up out there, drop me a line. Our evenings are filled, but lunches or breakfasts are available.

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D said...

Will LC be there? How bout Lo? Or Kristin Cava... whatever her name is? If none of them are there, I won't believe you were in Laguna Beach.