Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Totals

Man, it was a HUGE month in April. Of course, I've been saying that every month and each month is only going to get bigger. :) I didn't get in all the workouts, but I think I did a pretty good effort in getting most of them done and with pretty good success. May is going to be an even better month: I'm racing!

Swim = 20,775 meters (That's over TWELVE miles of swimming!!!)

Bike = 308 miles WOW!!!

Run = 68.29 miles

I didn't get any strength training done. If there's one thing to go on the weekly schedule, that would be the first one. For next month, Dave and I have made a pact to at least try to get in all our workouts on the days they are scheduled. And that will include strength training.

A toast to April....

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