Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

This is a "Thursday Thoughts" and a "Thursday Things I Shouldn't Admit".

I worked as an engineer for 7 years and four different companies out of college. Although I loved studying engineering, I absolutely loathed it in the real world. A trained monkey could have done any of my jobs post graduation. During my days at work I would find ways to waste time and disappear. One of my first jobs was right next to the airport and I would sneak out the back door and go watch the airplanes take off and land. Or, I would hide in the stairwell or in my car. For a LONG TIME.

So, what is the worst job you ever had and/or what would you do to avoid working?


Karen said...

The worst job I ever had luckily lasted only 1 day. I was a temp and wasn't really told by the agency what I would be doing so arrived at this warehouse in a skirt and heels. I was shown to the back to racks and racks of tuxedo jackets and a pressing iron. I proceeded to iron bad codes on jackets for 8 hours. Insane.

Megan said...

I worked in a meat market, but that wasn't the worst job I ever had. The worst job was being a waitress at this hoyty-toyty place not-to-be-named in Bozeman. The owner was the manager and was probably going through menopause or something, and she made me cry in front of customers on numerous occasions. She even yelled at me, in front of everyone I worked with, because I was nodding when she was talking instead of verbally say "ok"- And the only reason I was nodding was because if I were to talk, I knew I would cry on the spot. Oy.

Judi said...

i was a stripper in san francisco. no joke.