Sunday, April 18, 2010

I will never complain about my bike being uncomfortable again

Even though I was on a rest week, I really tried hard to stick to my training schedule while on vacation. As mentioned previously I scouted out swimming pools, made plans to run with my dad (only after I realized I forgot my heart rate monitor chest strap and couldn't do my run test on the schedule) and even went so far as to rent a bike. Friday was biking day. So, the family headed to Sarasota to the bike shop where I had already called ahead and reserved my bike. My parents also wanted to rent beach cruisers and do a little riding. We get to the shop and lo and behold, they didn't have my reservation. Crap! Someone in Sarasota, Florida is running around with my credit card information. Guess I'll have to keep an eye on that. Anyway, they were able to get me a bike and set it up for me, but they only rented road bikes and therefore, my parents decided not to rent a bike (even though they sold beach cruisers).

In theory, renting a bike and continuing with my workouts was a wise thing. But in practice, this did not go so well. I was smart enough to bring my own helmet because YUCK, but I decided not to bring my pedals and shoes because I figured the bike would have toe cages on it and I only had a 45 minute ride on the schedule anyway. Of course, no toe cages. When was the last time you rode a bike where you weren't strapped into the pedals? I haven't ridden a road bike in a long time. The only bike I have at home is my tri-/time trial bike. I used to have a road bike, a Giant OCR3, which I had converted into triathlon ready with aero bars, etc. When I had been fit for the aero bars on that bike, the person told me that bike would never fit me. Giants are not made for most women. To say I'm short-waisted is an understatement. My belly button and my busts are roughly three inches apart from each other. :) Anyhoo, wouldn't you know it, this bike was a Giant OCR-whatever?! I was so uncomfortable riding this bike. My shoulders, my arms, my back...nothing felt right. For as much as is said regarding tri-bikes and how unstable they are, my bike felt like a tank compared to this thing. I felt completely out of control—white knuckles. Plus, don't tell me that Adamo seats are made for men. I will pay a gajillion bucks to never ride a bike without one again! And to top it all off, the route started and ended by riding over a bridge. Not just any bridge, mind you, a drawbridge. I thought I was going to die or at least throw up. I almost called my parents to come pick me up...I was NOT going over that bridge a second time.

If I ever need to travel during a week where I NEED my bike, heck yeah, I am packing it up and taking it with me.

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