Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tri-ing Something New

With a last minute decision I hopped a plane and headed down to Florida to crash my parents' spring break vacation. Although it's rest week on the schedule, there are still workouts to be done. So, I researched my opportunities down in Florida and found many, many options. For swimming, I called the local YMCA and got myself hooked up with the masters program.

I arrive in Florida on Tuesday night and was settled into the hotel around 10:30pm. I got ready for bed quickly as the next morning was going to start early, like 4:30 early. I was out of the hotel by 5:00am and to the local Y by 5:05. The place was already packed. And yet, I was bringing down the age by like 30 years. I looked around for an indoor pool but couldn't find one. The outdoor one was pitch black. Where the heck was everyone? Finally I ran into some swimmers (and I knew they were swimmers by those giant robe jackets they were wearing) and they guided me to the outdoor pool. Outdoors, in the dark, in April? This is so not Ohio.

I don't think this was normal masters. Not that I have anything to compare it to. The age range was 35-65, but I didn't see anyone that really looked to be around 35. I was the youngest by far. There were two workouts: a short workout (1800 yards) and a long workout (3500 yards). I chose the long workout, but soon found out I was one of only 3 people who took that workout. I didn't have to share a lane, which was nice, but everyone who was there was a triathlete so I saw NO ONE doing flip turns. Sharing a lane wouldn't have been an issue. The workouts didn't have send offs or rest periods so I just used my best judgement.

Finally I finished up around an hour and 15 minutes into the workout. I did get some feedback about my stroke that I'm interested in sharing with coach and seeing what she says. I'm going back again on Friday to give it another try. And then maybe when I get home, I'll look into the masters program at the local high school.

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SSB said...

I've learned there is no normal masters. They range from really coached and organized to a workout written on a board that people sort of follow.