Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Menu

Each week, I will feature a recipe on Monday that Dave and I cooked the previous week. If you'd like to contribute a recipe, please leave a comment below or send it to me via email:

Last week we were at the grocery and saw a special: buy one get one free bags of chicken breasts. A gazillion chicken breasts for $13? Yes, please. Now what to do with a gazillion chicken breasts? We (well, Dave) made chicken cordon bleu. You can find the recipe here. And since I have no idea how Dave actually made it, I'll show it off in pictures.

This meal was so yummy. The chicken cordon bleu was so tasty and had great flavors. I had half of mine like it was built and then paired it with honey mustard for the second half. Still very yummy. This looked like an easy recipe and we will definitely be having it again.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

My wife told me that those $13 bags of chicken are $9.99 the rest of the time when its not BOGO, still a deal though, we have 4 bags in our freezer now

Colleen said...

Yum... that looks tasty!

Melissa C said...

Looks great! Too bad you guys don't have Busch's in Ohio (and I will miss in when we move to KY), but we get fresh boneless skinless chicken breast for $.99/lb there on Sat only, limit 1 package/household. You get up to 5 ginormous breasts for under $5. We leave a few fresh, and then freeze a couple for later in the week. It is about a week's worth for us, since we don't eat chicken every day, so I try to get it every Sat.

Michelle said...

Can I hire Dave to come cook at my house occasionally? (That, along with Brian cooking on weekends, I'll have it made! ;-)
looks yummy!

Val said...

It looks awesome. I am drooling over here! =/