Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My dad asked me over the weekend, and again last night, if I was going to break his marathon PR (3:21:21) next weekend. The answer is no. I'm not even gunning for a new PR. So it begs the questions, why am I running yet another marathon?

That's a good question.

The National Marathon will be marathon number 14 for me. I gave up doing marathons for the "experience" after my first one. With each one I've wanted to run faster and faster. I'm thisclose to reducing my marathon time one hour from my very first marathon. And yet, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be nowhere near a PR this year. So why am I doing this?

Initially I began thinking about this race when my teammate Kati announced she was doing it. The timing would be perfect with triathlon season and I thought it would be fun to be there with my teammates. Unfortunately Kati got injured and now I'm the only Trakkers Chick doing the race. But, I think Kati and Kiersten are going to be there to spectate.

While training for Ironman last year all I could think about was missing Boston and wanting to be able to run it again. Triathlon training is so consuming; I missed the simplicity of running last year. And having DNFed at Ironman I felt a little robbed. It's hard for me to feel positive about 2010. Running makes me feel fast and free. I needed a good marathon to kick off 2011 in the right way. My training has gone tremendously. Although I don't think a PR is possible, I think a good solid marathon with a quality time is. I'm excited to be running again. I'm so excited!!!! (And the thought of cupcakes after the marathon sure helps too.)


Velma said...

Sounds like a great reason to me!! Enjoy yourself!!

tribirdie said...

Good luck! Have a great race! Glad to hear you are excited to race, you'll have a great day out there! Enjoy the cupcakes!!!

glutenfreetri said...

I'll be there by the time you finish to cheer you on! I'm hoping to get there by the time you start on the 2nd lap!

Andy Rosebrook said...

Good luck! Sometimes instead of why, ask why not. And never rule a PR out on a why not race. No pressure can lead to a great performance. Enjoy the race and have fun!