Friday, August 26, 2011

Spell Check

I once saw a segment on one of the morning news shows about two guys who took a cross country road trip, correcting spelling and grammatical errors along the way. Of course, they wrote a book about it. I've not read the book, but I certainly "get" these guys. Both Dave and I were raised to spell, use grammar and sentence structure correctly. And although we don't always get it right (as I'm sure I just botched that last sentence), we're totally going to correct others who can't get it right. :)

I bring you the newest addition to the blog, "Spell Check".

Today's Spell Check is courtesy of the photo/electronics department at the local Meijer store:

I 'guarantee' spell check would have highlighted that one.


Spie said...

I used to work as a department manager for a large department store. I ran the Housewares department among other things. My favorite sign error would have never been caught by spell check...

Buy a 20 piece dinnerware set
Get a free serving bowel

I always wondered how many managers put that sign out without reading it first!

LittleRachet said...

Love this. I always get a chuckle from these errors. The math ones really get me.

Michelle said...

love these!

Karen said...

I drive my husband crazy pointing out grammatical errors all the time! The comment from Spie reminds me of one of my favorites. It is a burrito "bowel" at a local mexican restaurant. So appetizing.