Friday, August 12, 2011

What a Night!

I rarely watch the local news, but last night I happened to catch it after the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance." The first story was a breaking news story about a murder that had two crime scenes. One was where the body was found in a neighboring town and one was where the shooting occurred, which happened to be in a neighborhood across the street from where we live (less than a mile away). They said the suspect was on the run and was headed to North Carolina. They gave his car make and model and his license plate. The news also said another person was wanted for questioning and that he had also fled but they were looking for him. That second person was on the loose around here and you could hear the police helicopter overhead. A half hour later, as we were still watching the news, that second person had been found and had been apprehended. I went to bed feeling okay.

Around 2:30-2:40am I was awoken by sirens. We hear a lot of sirens around here as we live between police substations and two firehouses. But this was different. Those sirens were close. I got up and looked out the window to see six police cars FLY down our neighborhood street along with an unmarked car behind them. For the next, like 20+ minutes, there were sirens and sirens and sirens. And the helicopter was back and it was close.

I woke Dave up. He was already awake. I was scared out of my mind. THIS MURDERER WAS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!! (This is what I thought. All of this was going down less than a mile away) I was in full panic mode. I was cold and shaking and I thought I was going to throw up. For the next half hour to 45 minutes we just laid there listening to what was happening. I really had to go to the bathroom but I didn't want to get up or make any noise or turn on the lights and draw attention to our house.

Around 3:30 I asked Dave if there would be a breaking news story on any of the local news' websites. We both grabbed our phones and started searching. We didn't find anything that had been updated since 2:15am, but the stories gave a little more details. Turns out the victim and suspect were recent graduates of the local high school. It was the suspect's girlfriend who had been murdered. The police had been called just one day earlier in a domestic dispute between the two. Dave read the name of the suspect and it hit me. I knew that kid (man - he's 18). I had coached him and his twin brother. And it was probably his twin brother who had been the one who ran and was apprehended. My heart sank. He was a good kid. What happened?

He had been calling family and friends from his cell phone while driving around town. The police had been pinging his phone and had spotted him around 2:00am just down street from here. They chased him just a few miles, to basically where all this started, and that's when we heard all the sirens.

Finally around 4:00am (yes, still awake), I found an article that said the suspect had been killed in a police involved shooting. I felt better that I could go back to sleep, but I did not feel good about what had happened. The local news came on at 4:30 and I got up to watch it. It didn't offer a whole lot of information. They didn't even say if he had killed himself or if the police had killed him. The 5:00am news was on the scene, which was not where they said it was on all the news sites, still had little information. Finally around 5:30am, I crawled back into bed.

At 8:30am the police helicopter was back overhead. We read an article that said the suspect had been killed by the police. I guess five officers including SWAT officers shot at him as he drew his gun when he was stopped. So sad. So very sad.

A few months ago there was a huge drug bust just a few houses from us. And now a murder less than a mile. I thought I lived on the safe side of town?


Colleen said...

Oh my gosh Meredith, that's so scary! hadn't even heard about this yet until you wrote about it. I would never had thought about this all happening on your side of town either. But I guess the people from the "bad" part of town go out there because they think they won't get caught. Such a sad thing.

Hope you get a nap today! :)

tribirdie said...

That is so scary! I can't imagine! I definitely wouldn't have been able to go back to sleep either! Glad you guys are safe!

Michelle said...

Wow! that is scary! Glad you're okay!

Kristin Deaton said...

That is the scariest thing ever!!! I would have done the same thing lights out, don't move. But would have been glued to the tv/internet for sure. Yowzers

Melissa C said...

That is so scary Meredith! I am glad you are OK.