Saturday, December 17, 2011

2012 Schedule

I know I said I would not set a race schedule for 2012. And although this might look like a schedule, it's really not. I am currently, not working with a coach, I'm making no "A" races, and I'm just gonna go with the flow. I will not wrap my life around training and racing this year. So here's what I'm thinking about for 2012:

January :


2/12 - Columbus Winter Run 15 miler

2/26 - Last Chance for Boston marathon relay (with Dave)

March: ?

April: ?


5/28 - Dave and Meredith's running adventure


6/2 - Greenswell Aquathlon (1 mile swim/5k run)


TBD - Lakeside to Kelly's Island Swim (2 mile and 4 mile swims)

7/14 - Greenswell Aquathlon (1 miles swim/5k run)

August: ?

September: ?


November: ?

December: ?


LittleRachet said...

YEEEESSSSS!!! *fist pump*

Andrea Hill said...

Hmmm, May 28th is intriguing...

you did decide to do that urban relay, didja?

Laura Wheatley said...

all the aquathlon and swimming races you tentatively have planned are intriguing me... Gotta work on the weaknesses this year... Maybe I'll join you! :)