Thursday, December 01, 2011

November Totals

Ahhhh, back to running and nothing else. And November was a great month because for some crazy, global warming reason, I was able to do most of my runs, especially my long runs, in shorts and t-shirts. Love! And I'm following a three-day-a-week plan which means my world no longer revolves around training. (Of course, I've gained three pounds this month so maybe I ought to pay a little more attention.) It also means there are no easy runs either. For the first week of November I did nothing. Not a thing. The second and most of the third week I was training for the half marathon. The rest of the month was spent training for the marathon, although I still haven't made a decision. What? I have until January 6th! :)

Running - 82.02 miles

Weight Lifting - 1.5 hours (one hour of weight lifting, one hour of core work)

I'm going to be close to hitting 1000 miles of running for 2011. We'll see what December brings...

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Katie said...

shorts HURRAH! i'm going to keep mine on as long as possible!