Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miscellany for Thursday

Gosh, there's just not much to talk about in the winter months. So, here's a few somethings that have been on the brain.
  • I switched to the half marathon in Houston. Yes I've been doing the long runs in the marathon training and I enjoy the distance training, but my heart wasn't in the marathon. Frankly, it's not much in the half marathon either but I think the half will suit me much better right now. I think I am going to continue to keep the super-longs run though just so I can have someone to run with.
  • I am excited to see that Greenswell has added two aquathlons to the schedule next year. I'm in!
  • I have only asked for $$$$ for Christmas this year. I started a new job in September that has required me to completely redo my entire wardrobe. I get a fat discount and I've been using it, but I'm still looking to get a few more outfits.
  • I am looking for the perfect red lipstick. Here's what I'm looking for: prefer it to be long-wearing, cannot fade to pink, must be a blue-base (ladies, you know what I'm talking about), prefer it to be shiny or a gloss to a matte lipcolor. Any suggestions?
  • I'm also looking for the perfect daytime lip color. Nothing in the pink family, but something with just enough color that it looks like you're wearing a little something. Suggestions?
  • Feeling great about myself, huh? (sacrasm, see previous two bullet points)
  • Are you digging the new look of Facebook Timeline? I think it looks a lot like MySpace, which I'm way too old for, but otherwise I think it's pretty rad.
  • Dave and I are planning an epic weekend trip this spring. It's going to be amazeballs!
What else? What's on your mind? What am I missing?


Laura Wheatley said...

"amazeballs" !!! LOVE!!

Melissa C said...

You will probably doing really well at the half marathon in Houston since you are going to be running so much!

I have nothing for you on lipstick. That is the one are of makeup where I have no expertise. Ask me about eyeliner or mascara instead :)

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

What is this FB Timeline everyone is speaking about? Does this mean I have to like use a computer for that shit instead of my phone? computers are like so 2010.

Elsa said...

Ooh, finally something I know about - lipsticks :) Reds - try MAC NY Red or Clinique Angel Red. For everday - try MAC Viva Glam 5.

Ashley said...

Try Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer for daytime. I love the watermelon color, but they make lots of great options that are very sheer and full of good stuff.
P.S. Please use the word amazeballs more often.

Susan DeBruin said...

Wait... Facebook changed AGAIN?! Dangit... hang on, I gotta go re-learn all that crap again now...

Michelle said...

I got nothin'! ;-)