Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Virtual Running

I have "met" a lot of good people through blogging. Some I've met in real life. Meet Jeff.

I met Jeff through our blogs and then met him in real life while on vacation in California. Since that initial meeting way back in like 2005 we have met up again in Boston 2006 and again in California in 2010 where we ran about 16 miles together. Jeff and I became fast real friends. He texts me when I'm having a bad day and I text him to let him know he's an awesome dad. Jeff is the big brother I've always wanted. I just wish he lived closer.

Jeff and I have taken on the March Run Streak together. Every day after our runs we Tweet the other one about our run. It's great to have accountability and a partner in crime. When I get that tweet, it puts a smile on my face.

Do you want to participate in our virtual run streak? Of course you do! Just make sure to hashtag your tweets #MarchRunStreak and then I'd love it if you let me know, @meredithjgordon. Come join our virtual running fun!


jeff said...

you made me snort!

thanks for the shout and the kind words. funny how close and connected we feel to our blogfriends while still worlds apart.

i was thinking the other day that by tomorrow i will have run my longest streak. i've never run more than six days in a row. i've never had a need to and have always included rest as part of my training schedule. i'm thinking this march streak thing is going to be really, really stupid after another week. i can't wait!

TriMOEngr said...

I'm not a big streaker, but I love the idea of having that "partner in crime". I texted my sister after each workout last spring when we were preparing for my first tri (her first not on a relay team).

Christy said...

Lovely idea! I live in a small town of ...no runners...so I have just myself to answer to every run.