Monday, March 19, 2012

Week In Review

I know you all probably don't care about my "Week in Reviews" but I'm really excited I've been keeping to a consistent running schedule and want to post about it. So without further ado...

Monday 3/12 - 5.25 miles treadmill run. I did 1.25 miles as a warm up and then did a crossfit workout with Dave of reps of 21-15-9 of handstand pushups, dips, and pushups. Then I hopped back on the treadmill and did another 4 miles.

Tuesday 3/13 - 4.25 mile neighborhood run with Dave. We then rode our bikes a whopping 1.16 miles to Meijer (grocery store) to pick up some dinner. Cost savings of riding our bikes instead of driving was 11 cents.

Wednesday 3/14 - Another crossfit workout, this time at the gym. The workout was supposed to be 1 mile run, 2000m row, 1 mile run. But I didn't want to run just two miles so I did 1 mile warmup, 1 mile run fast (7:57), 2000m row (9:36), 1 mile run fast (7:50), 1 mile easy, 0.29 mile cool down.

Thursday 3/15 - I had intended to do my long run today and wanted to do it on the treadmill, but I was struggling. I stopped every 3 miles to take a bathroom break. At my 6 mile stop I got a phone call that had some news I wasn't very happy about and made my stomach just drop. The workout ended there with 6.03 miles. I did my pushup set before the run maxing out at 246 pushups.

Friday 3/16 - 4.18 miles on the treadmill because I wanted to watch basketball.

Why do I want to do all these weird distances? Well, I wanted to be able to make the miles for the week an even number.

Saturday 3/17 - I had wanted to run with the group this morning, but after a late night (later than I had planned), I slept in and just ran a few miles on my own. I made up my route so I think I got in around 4 miles. I also rode my bike to Kroger (another local grocery store) to pick up some things for a total of 2.85 miles and a fuel savings of 53 cents.

Sunday 3/18 - Long run day - 12 miles. I didn't start this run until later in the afternoon and it was hot. Too hot for March; I certainly am not acclimated to this type of heat yet. And if I wasn't wearing a pink sports bra and red shorts, I probably would have run in just those. Dave accompanied me on the run by riding his bike and carrying my water and gels. About 6 miles into the run it started to sprinkle a little. And at 8 miles when Dave stopped at a food truck for a pita (yeah, he did) it was pouring. The rain only lasted a few minutes, though, and I finished up the run quickly. My first mile was 9:34 and my last mile was 8:03. I am loving running right now! Of course, not even an hour and a half after we returned home we were under a thunderstorm and tornado warning, lost power, and sat in the basement in the dark comforting our dog who is scared of storms. What an eventful day!


Biking - 4.01 miles, savings 64 cents
Running - 40 miles!!! I haven't run this many miles since training for Nike.
Other - 0.50 hours
Pushups - 291


Karen said...

Someone has been getting things done this week! Love the handstand picture - too cool.

Betsy said...

Back to your roots and back to your happy place :) I can hear it in your words.