Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Challenge New Albany: It's Kinda a Big Deal

This weekend the Challenge Family brings their triathlon magic to my hometown with Challenge New Albany.  It's a whole weekend of triathlon with men and women's sprints, kids and junior races, and Olympic and half distances (and if the race ever becomes a full iron distance I may have to change my stance on "never doing it again").  The race is bringing in pros and amateurs from all over the country and from a few countries.  Dave and I are both participating (I'm doing the sprint and Dave is doing the Olympic) and I couldn't be more exciting.

There are lots of people coming into town who I'm excited to meet, cheer on, stalk, whatever.  First is my BFF Meredith Kessler.  She's probably going to win the whole thing and it's going to be totally cool to see her race in person.  Amateur stud Amanda is going to be here too!  We've been talking via email for a weeks now and it's totally going to be awesome to finally meet her.  She's gonna rock out this race too!  My former Trakkers/Rev3 teammate Janet will also be competing.  I met up with her this past April at a half marathon.  She's in her second year as a pro and getting more awesome all the time.  Current Rev3 chick Maggs will also be here.  I've never met her but I'm friends with her on Facebook and hopefully will get to meet her and will definitely cheer loudly for her.  Finally, although not racing, I think Colleen will be around this weekend.  I've yet to meet her little kiddo and would really love to catch up with her.

If you're coming to town this weekend for this race, let me know.  I live right behind the host hotel and would definitely love to meet you.  If you have questions about the race course, specifically the run course, I know it very, very intimately (like, I run it almost every day).  I hope to see you this weekend and good luck!!!!

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