Monday, July 28, 2014

Challenge New Albany Women's Sprint Tri 2014

They say that an Ironman is 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking, 26.2 miles of running, and bragging rights for the rest of your life.  For the rest of us non-Ironman triathletes, I believe we have to finish an triathlon annually to keep our triathlon street cred.  So, I did my one triathlon this summer - the Challenge New Albany women's sprint. 

This race was short and I mean SHORT!  200 yard pool swim, 7 mile bike, and 2 mile run.  And it was fast.  And I love fast!

The swim was a little bit of a cluster.  There were about 130 women in the race and the director left it up to us to seed ourselves in the swim.  I don't know if I'm a fast swimmer or not, but I didn't want to get caught up in a mess of non-swimmers so I seeded myself close to the front.  I jumped in the water and halfway through the first lap I realized I did not start my watch.  Rookie.  I finally started my watch at the first wall.

I swam pretty well and passed two people and only got passed by one.  It got a little congested at the walls, but I'll take a pool swim any day to open water.  I wish all triathlons were in a pool.  Seriously, is there an ironman out there that's done in a pool?

It would have been totally awesome if the swim started with a trip down the slide.


Swim time: 4:41, which included a pretty sizeable run into transition.

In transition I realized I did not press the lap button on my Garmin.  Seriously, have I never done a triathlon before?  Helmet, socks, shoes and we're off!

T1: 0:57

Right away I got passed by a girl on a mountain bike.  

I couldn't figure out the Garmin to see what my pace was but I thought "how badly am I at biking that a chick on a mountain bike is ahead of me?"  But she didn't suck.  In fact, she stayed ahead of me for nearly 5 miles before I caught her.  I was so impressed with race organization during the bike portion of this race.  The roads were well marked, lanes of traffic were closed off just for this race, and there were volunteers and cops everywhere.  And the support on the course was amazing.  I think there should be all women's races for all races.  The ladies in the race were cheering on each other and high fiving.  Isn't that really how it should be?

Bike time: 23:58
Seriously, I was one of like 10 people riding a time trial bike and had the 21st fastest time.  I suck at biking (of course, I have done pretty much ZERO training for triathlon).

T2: 0:42

The girl who rocked it out of transition one on her mountain bike beat me out of T2 as she already had running shoes on.  I ran out like a bat out of hell.  The run was only two miles.  I could freakin' sprint two miles.  

I love running.  I just love running.  It was awesome to be out there flying, catching people, finishing the race.  I pushed and pushed all the way into the finishing chute, almost getting the woman in front of me (we were the second and third finishers).


Run time: 14:32
Overall: 44:50 2nd overall

I had a lot of fun.  This race was well organized and the whole weekend was well put together.  I am so excited this race was brought to my hometown and I look forward to watching this race grow in future years.  Great job HFP and Challenge Family.  I'll definitely be back.

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