Friday, October 10, 2014

Foto Friday

Today I received our beautiful pictures we had professional taken while we were vacationing in Montana, but I'm going to keep you all in suspense for another week for those.  Today, I'm showing you pictures from Anderson's gymnastics class.  Yes Anderson takes gymnastics.  I think I swore to myself that no child of mine would take gymnastics, but well, whatever.  He loves it too!  And what does a 1 year do at gymnastics?  It's really all about motor skills.  He "jumps" on the trampoline, learns to grip things like a bar or a rope, walks across the balance beam, climbs under and over obstacles, and learns moves like forward rolls and cartwheels. 

"Jumping" on the trampoline.  He's too small yet to jump but he does know how to go up and down on his toes and jump-like.

Climbing in and out of the foam block pit.  Each weeks he gets a little braver with this one.  And it develops great core muscles.

Anderson always uses the wedge mats like slides.  At the end of this mat was also a rope he was playing with.

Climbing through the tunnel.  The kids loves tunnels.  He does this at storytime at the library too.

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