Friday, October 31, 2014

Foto Friday - Halloween Edition

Last night was trick-or-treating in our community.  Being that our neighborhood is only 12 or 14 houses, the neighborhood coordinates to get all kids together at once, exchange candy, take a group picture (didn't happen), and go together to the rest of the houses without kids.  This is all done before the "official" start time of beggar's night so the kids can go to other neighborhoods with their friends and family.  We also learned a lesson in our first Halloween at the new house: a regular bag of candy just will not do.  Because there are so few kids the neighbors go way out with prepared bags and giant candy.  We had just bought a bag and split it among the kids.  Next year we will be better prepared. 

After the neighborhood festivities, we went and surprised our old neighbors and also spied checked out our old house (they ripped out all of our carpet!!!).  Finally we ended the evening in my parents' neighborhood hitting up 6 or 8 houses.  Anderson got a ton of candy (that Dave and I will be eating) and looked super adorable in his costume.

Yes, I already owned the crab hat.

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