Tuesday, October 07, 2014

September Totals

Yeah, yeah.  I'm a little behind in posting my September totals.  Some weeks just get away from me.

I raced every weekend in September - I walked a 10K with my mom and sister, I ran a 5K for fun-ish, I ran a marathon I wasn't supposed to, and I won a 10K.  I also did some training in between those races.  Here's what was going on in September:

Swim - 2300 yards
Bike - 13.95 miles
Run - 120.62 miles
Strength - 0.5 hours
Trips to the YMCA - 15
Cost per Visit - $5.69

I really thought my miles would be more, but I basically took the week off after the marathon and the first week of the month was quite a dud too.  I do just fine on a low mileage plan, but sometimes I wonder how much better a high mileage plan might be.  It's too late to find out for this training cycle.  For now, it's on to October!

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