Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

This topic might be way too much TMI, but a running blog would not be a running blog without a little too much TMI.

Running underwear.  Let's do it.

I am an underwear girl.  I like my undies big, granny-like, cotton, and I could care less about lines under my clothing.  I don't own a thong.  I do, ALWAYS, wear underwear when I run.  I don't get chafed from underwear, but I tend to get chafed in the ol' butt crack when I run long from sweat or water getting all over me or just my big booty rubbing against itself for hours on end.

Too much TMI yet?

I've been reading all over the internet about running underwear.  Prices.  Sizes.  Materials.  Is it worth it.  And you know what I've found out?  I don't think many people wear underwear while running.  Well, good for you all, this isn't going to happen for me.  Although I wear shorts with liners, those liners don't fit like underwear.  And I've already established I'm an underwear girl.

So I'm asking...are you an underwearer or not?  If yes, do you wear the fancy running stuff?  Worth it or I'm still gonna get crack chafing anyway?

Go to town, America.  I can't wait to hear what you have to say.

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Carina said...

No underwear for me except with my one and only pair of unlined (Lulu) shorts. And I love those shorts since they're super reflective, but when I bought them, I didn't realize they were unlined (didn't think about it since I was wearing regular clothes (and obviously underwear) when I tried them on). So I try to buy lined shorts and while it doesn't fit like underwear, it works for me. Honestly, I'd say try it on some shorter runs, I think you'll get used to it and eventually come to appreciate one less layer!