Monday, November 22, 2004

Another Three Weeks

Darn it! I went to the doctor today for my four week check-up on my stress fractured leg. I was hoping to not have to wear the aircast anymore and could return to running. Instead I left the appointment being "weened" off the aircast for the next week and I cannot return to running for another three weeks. REALLY FRUSTRATING! I also have to do some physical therapy for shin splints, I guess to strengthen so I don't get another stress fracture. I guess I'm allowed to be biking because the doctor asked me if I was biking. Uh, no. You told me not to bike. So, I guess I'm going to start combining biking into my exercise. I'm allowed to start using the elliptical machine in two weeks but only for 10 minutes every other day. Guess I will not be running the Turkey Trot on Thursday.

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Val said...

Oh bummer =( Sorry to hear about the long road to recovery. Maybe if you take it easy though, the darn thing'll heal for good & you won't have to worry about it anymore! =) Besides, this is a good excuse to gain weight over the holidays, "I wasn't allowed to run!" Hehehehehe =) Have a super week! Love you- oh, and I did get your letter. xoxoxoxo