Friday, November 12, 2004

A somewhat brief background on this runner's world

My name's Meredith, and I'm addicted to running. It started about 3-1/2 years ago when I graduated college. I was bored so I decided to run my first marathon. I had grown up around running as my dad has about 18 marathons under his belt and my mom has walked a marathon. My first marathon was the Chicago Marathon in 2001. I finished in 4:24. I ran the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati in May 2002. My finish time was 3:57. My most recent marathon I finished was the 2003 Columbus Marathon, where I finished in 3:39:18 and qualified for Boston. I did not get to run the 2004 Boston Marathon, however, because I got a stress fracture in my fourth metatarsal of my right foot six weeks before the race. I had to take off 10 weeks. This past October I was scheduled to run the Columbus Marathon but pain in my shin caused me to drop out of the race before mile 3. I found out a few days later I had yet another stress fracture in my left tibia. Right now I wear an aircast and I do swimming as my aerobic activity. I should be able to return to running hopefully by the end of the month or the beginning of December. My next goal is to run Boston this April.

I have kept a journal of my running since I started training for my first marathon in May 2001. Since the new "explosion" of blogging, I have been wanting to do this journal online and have others experience my ups and downs of running and training. Please feel free to post your comments.


bettyboo said...

I met Meredith at the company which we both work for currently. She is the most outgoing, funny and determined young woman I have ever met. It just so happens that both of our birthdays are in the same month, which makes us connected, somehow. She totally enjoys her running and has inspired me to want to run also. I am so not in shape for it but just to have that gutsy feeling that I can do it is enough to take baby steps toward that goal. I would love to see her run the Boston marathon and do well so I can brag about her to others. I hope she has much success and I am so proud of her for doing what she does wants to do and not what others think she should do.

AndyD said...

Hey Meredith, are you going to publish your write-up
of the RTB Relay? That was an experience, you have to