Monday, November 29, 2004

Physical Therapy

My doctor wants me to do physical therapy because, I guess, he thinks I got the fracture in my shin because of shin splints. Last Wednesday I had my first PT appointment. My PT's name is Mike. He was REALLY a good PT; probably the best I have ever been to. He did the usual history and then made we walk up and down the hallway like 7 times. Then he had me lay on my stomach and he messed around with my ankles and calves to see what biomechanical problems I might have. None seen. Then he started giving me exercises. I've got to do toe raises, and rubber band exercises, and these ones where you stand on telephone books and lower your heel down without shaking all over the place. Then Mike had me lay on the table again, on my side, and asked me to keep my leg up and not to let him push it down. BOOM! My upper leg slammed into my lower leg. Same thing on the other side. Mike has concluded that my leg troubles are probably because I have no gluteus minimus (hip) muscles. So now I have more exercises to do for my hip muscles. I've been doing these exercises now for about 4 days and I am so sore.

I've kinda fallen off my dieting and exercising bandwagon the last two weeks. Last week I only worked out twice. I swam on Monday and took a spinning class on Wednesday. This week I'm going to get back into it. No more snacking. No more chocolate. No more alcohol. I'm planning on swimming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, spin on Thursday, and swim on Friday and Saturday. One more week before I can begin using the Elliptical machine and two more weeks before I can begin running again.


Val said...

You've got no hip muscles cuz you've got no hips, girl! Hehe =) Good luck climbing back up on the exercise/ diet bandwagon... I'll be the fat, lazy slob for you ;) Love you! Christmas party Dec 17-19, hope you both can come!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that you are injured. I was injured lastyear about 2 weeks before my marathon. The time will go by faster than you think. I know how the doctors keep telling you six more wekks etc. 6 weeks is a damn long time!! Anyways, sounds like you are a great runner. My name is Meredith too, after reading your stories, I can totally relate, although I do most of my running alone, so I amust be totally crazy!!
Good luck!