Friday, January 07, 2005

First "Long Run"

I am taking classes for the next six weekends to get my real estate license so my training schedule is all out of whack. So, I have to do my long runs on my own for the next several weeks until the classes are over. I was planning on doing my long run today, but yesterday my run was going so well that I decided to keep running. My plan was to run 40 minutes yesterday at 75% so that should have been about 4 miles. When I got to 40 minutes, though, I was at 5 miles and my long run for the week was only 6 miles so I decided to keep going. I finished my 6 miles in 48:36 which is an 8:06 pace. I'm going to say that's pretty good considering I've taken off the last 8 weeks and my longest run until yesterday was only 3-1/2 miles.

Dave and I also went to spinning last night. Note to not spin on the same night as a long run. I was exhausted. Everything was off too. My seat was loose and everytime the instructor had us sit upright my seat would tilt backwards. I felt really off balance. Then as the workout went on I felt ackward like my knees were up in my face and my back seemed to be all hunched over. When the class was over I noticed that my seat had fallen two notches. I had the instructor tighten my seat after class and next time I'll tighten everything a little better. He he!

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Val said...

I'd love to watch you guys in a spinning class. I hear they're hard... someday I'd like to try one. Can you even move today? Hehe! Only snow, slush, and ice here, no rain anymore. We got another inch or two of snow last night. I need green! I'm not a big fan of the stark winter colors. Anyway, enough rambling ;) Gotta get ready for our anniversary date! =D Love you!