Friday, January 14, 2005

Those Crazy High Schoolers

Yesterday was a beautiful day outside. It was warm and not raining, for once. And as fate would have it, that all changed the minute I was supposed to go to track practice. The sky opened up and it just poured, and it poured until about 2:00am (yeah, I was still awake at that time). Yesterday was a record day for any winter training program I've had for the school. I had four kids show up...Mark, Don, JP, and Chris. The plan was to do 2 miles and I thought they would say that they didn't want to get wet and would just go over to the weight room and do the circuit. To my surprise, all four of them said they wanted to run outside. So, I did my two mile run in the pouring rain. It was a good workout, though, 14:49.

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