Friday, July 08, 2005

My Alarm Clock

Okay this post is going to have nothing to do with running or triathlon but I have to tell about my poor alarm clock.

I have the sweetest alarm clock. Dave got it for me a few years ago because my last alarm clock didn't work so well anymore. My alarm clock has great features. Probably the coolest is that it has a CD player in it that you can set the alarm to wake you up to whatever song you want to set the CD to. Pretty cool, but I don't use that feature. It also has this really great waking system that starts at zero volume and keeps increasing. I like this feature because it takes a pin drop to wake me up which means the volume hardly gets loud, it doesn't scare me, and doesn't wake Dave up. You never have to turn on the alarm. It is always on. My favorite feature of my alarm clock is the "weekend slumber" feature. Basically I can set the day on my alarm clock and then on the weekends I can hit a button which keeps my alarms set but doesn't sound them on the weekends. Totally cool. The last thing I love about it is that there is a huge off button right on the top so I don't have to deal with little tiny buttons on the side of the clock.

All of these features I love and they all work great. But, unfortunately, my clock is on the fritz. My clock is backlit instead of the numbers being lit. And it even has another feature where you can adjust the backlighting. I always keep it super-bright so I can identify the numbers when I wake up in the middle of the night a million times and so I can change my alarm to go off at 5:00 instead of 4:45. Now, however, the backlight does not work anymore and I can't see the numbers on it anymore.

I went to Target last night to buy a new alarm clock but I didn't see anything that interested me or even had any of the same features of my clock. I just might have to use my Ironman watch until I can find even a close substitute.

My poor clock!


Val said...

Oh no! =( Isn't it funny how we get attached to the strangest things? Where did Dave get that one? You might have to hunt on Ebay =/ I hope you find a twin for it!

jeff said...

check out the brand name and model number on the clock and google it. i'm sure you can find a replacement online.

Maureen said...

Hey, I came across your post in a search to replace my Philips with the "weekend slumber" feature. I loved it!! but it died this week from a power surge due to a tree trimming company being incompetent. I am bereft. Can't find that feature anywhere. please let me know if you come across something...
Maureen in Baltimore