Tuesday, September 27, 2005

2005 Goals Revisited

A meeting I had this morning resulted in some homework for me. My task was to create a list of priorites and goals for my life (no I didn't meet with a shrink, I met with my HR director). So I decided to look at my list of running goals for 2005 and see how far I've come. Here's the list, in no particular order (and you can find it buried in my blog too).

1. Run a marathon in 3:30
2. Run more races
3. Improve speed and PRs
4. Run Boston
5. Requalify for Boston
6. Do another triathlon
7. Improve on triathlon time
8. Consider a half Ironman
9. Cross train through the marathon season

With nine months of the year nearly completed, here's how I'm fairing.

1. I have yet to run a 3:30 marathon but there's always next weekend.
2. I've definitely run more races this year than any other year. I've done 10 road races, one relay, 3 triathlons, and one duathlon.
3. I've PRed in the half marathon, 10 miler, 5 miler, and 5K in 2005.
4. I ran Boston in April.
5. I have yet to requalify for Boston, but I should be able to do it next weekend in Cleveland.
6. Not only did I do another triathlon, I did 3 of them and a duathlon this past summer.
7. Improving on my triathlon times is subjective because none of the triathlons I've done to date have been the same distance, but I definitely feel I became a better triathlete.
8. Consider a half Ironman? Been there, done that in July 2005.
9. I've cross trained throughout most of the year. I've fallen short in September but mostly because the month slipped away from me and I had too much running to do.

So now I ask, what's next?


Flatman said...


Meredith said...

Holy time commitment!

Val said...

Hehe. Now it's time to help the Kurths move and try something totally off the wall... like underwater basket weaving! =D

Danny said...

Is there at least one goal you didn't meet, so that the rest of us don't feel so inadequate???

Seriously though, what a year! You have a right to be proud.

Good luck in Cleveland!