Friday, September 23, 2005

Another Pleasant Surprise

As I opened the dryer this morning to pull out my jeans a $10 bill came flying out at me. Bonus! Now I can get lunch. Unfortunately, that's about the only thing going right today. Our systems are not working here at work and I'm not able to get my reports done. Oh I get to work on balancing my checkbook.

I ran the A&F Challenge last night. It's a 5K that's held at the world headquarters for Abercrombie, which also happens to be only a few miles from our house. This race had about 1400 runners and it also includes an inline race, a bike tour, BBQ, and concert. All for a $20 entry fee. The race raised $1.1 million for hurricane relief.

I started the race pretty conservatively with my first mile being a 7:36. Then I sped up to a 7:08 second mile, and finished the last 1.1 in 8:01. My overall time was a 22:46. That's about an average time for me. I'm not very good at the 5K. I'm much better at 10 miles and above. Scary, huh? I get faster the longer the distance.

This weekend ends the hard training. I'm planning on doing a 20+ mile run on Sunday, 16 miles of it with Andrea. The taper starts immediately. My marathon is October 9th.

Have a great weekend and be careful. Go Buckeyes!


Flatman said... money! Enjoy your lunch. I'd say you had a great race last night. That would be a PR for me! Have fun on the taper.

Andrea said...

grrrr, I posted, but it must have eaten my response. I said that Doug is going to join us sunday, so you may be able to convince him to do all 20 with you.

Meredith said...

That would be great if Doug were running 20!

jeff said...

i'm the same way with shorter distances. for the 5k, i have to warm up with at least 3-5 miles before i feel like i can hit a good race pace.

good luck with your 20 on sunday! run strong, hydrate well and enjoy the company!