Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Coin Flip

It's going to be a coin flip for this marathon in a week and a half. The miles are in but they weren't consistent. Something always came up. I don't think I had one week where everything went the way it was planned.

Last week was a prime example. I started off the week well running stong 5 milers on Monday and Tuesday, a rough 4-1/2 miles on Wednesday, and then a pretty good 5K race on Thursday. Friday we went camping with the family and I ran out of time to run. The camping was pretty much roughing-it for me with lots of mud and bathrooms a good walk away and no sinks at all. Plus it rained and it was just a mess. So I didn't run on Saturday either. Sunday I was supposed to do 20 miles with Doug and Andrea, but it was like 100% humidity and I could barely make it 13 miles. I have asthma (have I ever said that?) and when it gets humid, my asthma really bothers me.

So I'm going into this marathon having done one 20 miler, two 16 milers, one 17 miler, and several in the range of 13 miles. Now I just have to hope that my fitness carries me through.


Andrea said...

don't forget, it's taper time! Sounds like you've been running almost every day -- your body was just wanting you to take it easy :)

You'll be fine. We both know you've been training like mad for almost all of 2005 - if anything, your body just wants you to cut back and recover before knocking out a great race next weekend!

Flatman said...

I think you are good to go...it sounds as if you have a very good base. Your fitness will pull you.

jeff said...

just think of it as an early taper run, rather than a failed 20. remember that most of the marathon training plans out there are designed for folks that are training from zero and they're designed to get you to the finish line.

with your fitness level, you're in a completely different boat. your running base over the past year will give you a huge advantage. i think you've put in enough high mileage runs that you'll do well in the race. if anything, not putting in the full 20 this weekend will mean that your body will be even better rested for the race.

buck up, muddy camper, and look for that silver lining!