Friday, September 09, 2005

What I've Been Doing This Week

Sorry I haven't posted much this week. I've had lots of presentations here at work I've had to sit in on and we've had a house guest all week and all the tennis that I just haven't had time to collect my thoughts.

I did some intense running on Wednesday. It was the stadium run and my friend "J" joined my dad and I. "J" is a much better runner than me so I did my best to stick with her. Each mile that we did around the track got faster and faster. Our first mile was a 7:19 and I think that was just a warm-up for her. My second mile was a 6:59 and my third mile was a 6:58. In between each of those miles was two flights of stairs so I'm pretty impressed with myself. Last night I was pretty worn out, though, so I only did two miles of recovery and I'll probably do three more this afternoon on the treadmill just to work out the kinks before my 22 planned for Saturday.

Did y'all see I got featured on the Carnival of Runner's this week? How cool was that?

In the last week I've had hits on this blog from all over the world, including Germany, Australia, India, Japan, the Netherlands, England, and Portugal. How cool is that too?

So people all around the world....I'm searching for a friend of mine who is in the military and stationed in Iraq. His name is Eric Petterson. If you know him, please have him check out this sight and get in contact with me. Thanks.

I know, I know. I still need to post the pictures from our vacation. I'm getting there!!!!

Have a great weekend if I don't hear from y'all before then. Oh yeah...GO BUCKS!


Andrea said...

dang, those are some fast miles! Good for you!

What's the carnival of runners?

jeff said...

were those intervals, or sustained miles? either way, wow.

who's on the chopping block this weekend? whoever it is, the bucks'll make mincemeat of 'em!

Meredith said...

Each mile was a complete four laps before taking a break. And the breaks were running through the stairs so it reallly wasn't a break.

Jeff, you must not be a big college football fan or else I'm guessing you'd know who the Buckeyes are playing. OSU is playing Texas this weekend and it's been plastered all over ESPN. Texas is ranked #2 and OSU is ranked #4. Tickets are going for $1000s. I'll be watching it on TV.

Wil said...

Wow, quite the speed there. Great job!

Flatman said...


Oh yeah, Texas is going to win, by the way...