Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary. Due to some scheduling this year, Dave and I are not going to be able to celebrate our anniversary with dinner or a date. I ordered a gift for Dave over a week ago and I have yet to receive it. Sorry, can't tell you. Dave reads this site. Dave gave me a present yesterday, though. He bought me a beautiful necklace that has a pink tourmaline jewel in it. It's very pretty and appropriate. I wear a lot of pink. I'll try to take a picture tonight and show y'all.

We've got a 5K race tonight. This one we have run since the race was introduced 5 years ago. It's not one you run hard, but it is one that you want to run because there's a BBQ afterward and Collective Soul is performing after the race. And it's 5 minutes from home. How can you beat that?


jeff said...

collective soul at a local 5k? and a bbq? wow, can't beat that.

just tell dave that's your gift to him. congratulations on three years!

Flatman said...

Yes...congrats! We did the 11 thing this, how time flies!!!

Have fun at the race. We'll be waiting for the report (on the race and the gift).

tarheeltri said...

That's sounds like an awesome race w/ great band and bbq!

Danny said...

that is pretty cool. i think the best thing i've gotten after a race has been a krispy kreme donut. without collective soul. ;-)

have fun!