Monday, May 08, 2006

Before and After

This past January I tipped the scales at 120 pounds. Yes, I know, this isn't such a huge number. But, when you're 5'1", 120 pounds shows. I wasn't happy at this weight. I wasn't happy that the clothes I had been wearing weren't fitting me. So I set off to lose this weight. I didn't really diet. I just watched my caloric intake and tried to eat a little better. I also cut out my Kool Aid, margaritas, and wine and replaced those all with water.

And the results...

Last Thursday I weighed in at 109 pounds. Check out the before and after pictures. Wonder where a skinny girl can lose 11 pounds? You can definitely see it in these pictures. The before pictures are from the Muncie Endurathon last summer. The after pictures I took of myself in the mirror after my run this evening.

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Val said...

Lookin' good, girl! Now you just gotta work on that TAN ;) Hehe! You look fabulous!