Thursday, May 25, 2006

Running Errands


With the price of gasoline so high, I decided to combine my running with an errand the other day. The library branch is on my running route and I had a book on reserve there, so I decided to do my run and on the way past the library check out my book.

The library is at the end of my run, so I did approximately 4 miles and then went into the library. I went to the reserves section and found my book. Geesh! It was big! It was a small textbook size and it was a hard cover. Finishing my run with it was a big challenging. I probably saved just a few cents in gasoline, but I felt like I was sticking it to The Man by not driving my car.

In more running news (what? you don't talk about running anymore), I got into the Chicago Marathon as has Dave and I've already received my hotel confirmation. See ya in October!

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