Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We're number 1!

Actually, we're number 633. And by we, I mean me.

I got my Triathlon Life magazine this week and it had the end of the year rankings in it. I was looking through it to see if there were names I knew and lo and behold, there is my name! I finished 2005 ranked 633 (in the nation, baby) in the 25-29 age group.

I guess the criteria was that you had to be a USA Triathlon member and have completed at least three sanctioned races and those races had to have their results sent to the governing body. Then I think there was some formula that basically averages you out among everyone.

The cool part was, I only did three triathlons last summer (plus one duathlon). Seriously, maybe I ought to get my bike out and try again this year to see if I can improve on that.


jeff said...

ooh, that's cool! i'll have to keep an eye on that this year as i start doing my multisport races.

hey you. you guys had us laughing so hard with the awesome package that you sent. thanks for the shirts! we will wear them with pride!

for everyone's benefit, dave and meredith sent smsmh and i ohio state shirts as momentos from meeting them in boston. how cool is that? now i have something to wear at the rose bowl next year...

Dave said...

We tried to get you an OSU Cross Country or Track shirt, but we were pretty sure you aren't an XL, which was all they had in the store. :(