Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tour of Columbus, continued

Columbus, Ohio is really a college town. Our sports revolve around the Buckeyes, and personally, I'd prefer it that way. But, we do have some major league sports (hockey, soccer, arena football) and many minor league teams. Last night we went to a Columbus Clippers game.

The Columbus Clippers are the AAA farm team for the NY Yankees. Throughout the years many Yankee greats have played in Columbus including Darryl Strawberry and Derek Jeter. Last night Columbus played the Buffalo Bison, which is the farm team of the Cleveland Indians. I think there were more people there rooting for the Indians; Dave and I were anyway. We wanted to see Andy Marte play (3rd base).

The Clippers play at Cooper Stadium which is on the west side of Columbus. The stadium only holds a few thousand. Parking is $3, with ticket prices starting at $6 for general admission going up to $10 for box seats. It's really great cheap entertainment. The Coop (as it's called) has specials almost every home game, but the most famous is "Dime a Dog Night" which was last night also. Usually once or twice a month, always on a Monday, you can pay ten cents per hot dog with a limit of five hot dogs per visit. The lines are long at the vendors, but for ten cents a hot dog, it's worth the wait.

View of the The Coop from Interstate 70.

Ticket office

The scoreboard, which earlier in the week had been hit by lightning and wasn't working.

The stadium.

The Clippers will be moving downtown in the next few years. Nationwide is building a new stadium close to Nationwide Arena (where the Blue Jackets play) and the stadium will be called Huntington Park, which is the name of a local bank which will own the stadium. (I understand corporate sponsorship; I just think the naming of buildings and venues after corporate sponsorship is ridiculous.) I'm sure once the team moves, prices will not be as good as currently.

We didn't stay for the whole game last night because it was pretty boring and it was getting late for a work night. Buffalo won. Go Indians!

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