Friday, May 19, 2006


Random #1:
I have a question for all the bike geeks out there. I have a Giant OCR3 and it is too big for it. I don't know exactly it's size, but everyone has told me it's too big and the gentleman at the bike shop who pimped out my bike told me that Giants are not made for people my size. My size? I'm 5'1" and very short-waisted. I hate to ride my bike and I think the reason is that it's not comfortable. Riding my bike is painful. At my size, I probably need a 47 but I'm not really wanting to buy a whole new bike. Too expensive for as little riding as I do. But I was thinking about this and this is where I need a little help. I was thinking of buying a smaller frame and then using the rest of my bike to put it all together. Am I going to need to purchase anything else to make this work? Will this work? I'm guessing I'm going to need a new chain and probably new wheels. Please help. I'm a bike dummy.

Random #2:
I don't know how much y'all pay attention to the weather in Ohio, but there has been a giant green blob over it for the past 10 days. Yes, it has rained everyday for 10 days. And again it is raining this morning. Yesterday on my way to practice it was not raining, but the sky was ominous and looked like it could open up at any minute. And it did in the middle of practice. Here are some pictures I snapped on my drive to practice.

Random #3:
Why do shows have to season finale? Why can't they spread the episodes out over the whole year so we don't cliffhanger at the end of a season and then have to wait 4 months to see what happens? Why do they have to cliffhanger? The best season finale I ever saw was the next to last season of "Ed" when Carol had already professed her love to Ed and he had to choose between Frankie and Carol. And then while he and Carol are out at the pond he tells her that he loves her and that he's always loved her and they cry and I cry. And, it was great. It gives you a warm feeling all summer. So why am I griping about this? I am an "ER" fan. Yes I'm one of three people who still watch that show. I have seen every episode...FOR THE LAST 12 YEARS! And they always leave it in a cliffhanger. ER has been on the slide for quite some time now and I must say, I don't even enjoy the show much anymore, but because I have been a loyal fan I am going to stay a loyal fan. The only storyline I enjoy watching is with Luka and Abby. But of course, last night they had to leave us hanging as Abby's laying on the floor bleeding having a miscarriage, while Luka is chained to a bed with a tube down his throat and all he can do is watch what's happening. Writers of the show if you're reading this...DON'T RUIN THIS PLOT LINE!!! I like Abby and Luka together. I've waited many seasons for them to get back together. And I like they are happy and in love and not mopey anymore. Please, don't take her baby from her. Let this be a happy ending. It's the only interesting story left on ER.

I could go on and on with randomness today, but I've got work to do. Have a great weekend, interweb!


Michelle said...

Well, I'm not going to be any help on the bike issue, and I'm sorry it's been so dreary in Ohio, but I am right there with you about ER. I thought I had broken the habit near the end of last season, because I was sick of Carter and Kem, but then I got sucked back in this year. I SO want things to work out with Abby and Luka--I went to bed right after it was over last night and continued the episode in a dream. (I know, that's pretty lame. But, I did give it a happy conclusion . . . ) So, it worked--I'm sure I'll be tuning back in next fall!!

Flo said...

Amen about ER!!!! I have loved that show forever but the last few years it really sucks. One of the things that bother me most is that it's gotten so political. I watch TV to escape life, not to get preached at about how horrible this war is and the trouble in Africa, blah, blah, blah..... Entertain me!!!!!

I agree the only storyline that holds any interest is Abby and Luka (I got to meet him when they were shooting the Africa stuff here in Hawaii a few years ago, what a hottie!!!). I hope they both survive and the baby survives and they leave the ER and move some place safe like Omaha!!!!