Thursday, May 04, 2006

Playing Catch Up

Where are your posts Meredith? The world is anxiously holding their breath every day to see what you've been up to and you're letting them down. (He he he!) You need to step up to the plate girl or get out of the game!

Okay, my appologies. I've been quite busy, both at work and home, and haven't had the time to write anything. I will say I wrote a pretty good post on Monday, which is still sitting as a draft because I'm waiting to put some pictures on it before I post it. Of course, those pictures are on my home computer and I never think of it when I'm at home.

Anyway, it's been a pretty crazy week. Let's start with yesterday evening and work backwards.

I have a relative who works/worked for a major lingerie retailer. They have legendary (like that Dave?) sample sales where he usually brings home boxes of stuff. Yesterday the stuff was brought to my house so I could pick through and decide what I wanted. I am set for life! I got 30 sports bras (no lie; I counted them)! That's like $1000 worth of sports bras! I also got some workout gear like shirts, shorts, running skirt, and two tennis dresses. Awesome! And to my surprise, most of it fits (not all, but most). Oh yeah, ask Dave...I look totally hot in my running skirt. He he!

Besides the excitement of needing more space for my new sports bras, yesterday was the longest rollercoaster I've ever been on. The day started at 3:00am (yeah 3 freakin' AM!) and not by choice. I was awaken by a helicopter that was so loud I thought it was landing in our backyard. I laid awake for a while and realized the helicopter wasn't going away so I got up and looked outside the window. I'd say, it's probably 3:15am at this point. The helicopter clearly had its search light on and I saw it go across the house behind us. Then I saw two uniformed people walking on the sidewalk. It's freakin' 3 in the morning!!! So I started to get a little nervous especially since I wasn't hearing any sirens. I got up and locked the bedroom door. I figured, if they're in our house I want to hear them trying to get into our room so at least I've got time to call the cops. I was also very thankful that I had recently started keeping my cell phone in our bedroom. I then went to use the restroom and I got nervous about turning on the light. I thought, what if there is someone outside our home and if I turn on the light they'll know someone is awake. Then they'll shoot through the window and the window is right across from the toilet and they'll hit me. Yes, I have a pretty vivid imagination for 3:00am. I crawled back in bed and listened to the helicopter for a bit longer. By 3:30 it had now been hovering for 30 minutes and I was really scared and angry that I had been awake this long. So I woke Dave up and asked him if he was hearing the helicopter. Of course he's not hearing the helicopter; he's asleep! He looked out the windows and didn't see anything and then he started checking out the rest of the house. He said he saw the helicopter further down in the neighborhood. The thundering was definitely softer but it was still around. By 4:00am I was exhausted. The helicopter had been hovering for an hour. I never heard any sirens or any alarms from other houses. I finally feel asleep.

My alarm went off at 5:15am and I woke up tired. Never a good sign. I lolly-gagged getting ready because in my head I had already decided I was going to call a personal day. I sat and watched the news for about 15 minutes to see what was up with the helicopter, but nothing was said. So I went in to talk to Dave about taking a personal day and how we were going to divide up my remaining vacation time. Of course, I had to wake Dave up to talk to him about it. He probably wasn't very happy with me yesterday. :) He then posed the question "what if I got sick?" I was so angry that I couldn't take a personal day. I have so much to do at home. Literally the house has not been fully cleaned since October! How do regular people do it? So then I had to hurry up and get ready. I'm stomping, and huffing, and cussing around the house, totally arguing with myself. I left for work 10 minutes late and decided I was hungry. I stopped by McDonald's and got some breakfast. Then when I pulled up to the stop sign to turn onto the last road before I arrived at work, my car died. Oy! I turn the key and nothing happens. I got in my trunk, got out my cell phone, called my dad (I work with my dad). Just as I hit send, I turn the car over again and it starts. What the? I get to work about 10 minutes late.

I had wanted to take yesterday as a personal day because I didn't have any meetings scheduled. But as the day progressed I got lots of e-mails that basically said you need to do this; you didn't do this and of course, somehow I wound up in fifteen million meetings. Nothing like a little preparation! This all just added to my anger.

But there was another high point (besides the sports bras). I had a one-on-one meeting with my manager and he said nothing but good things. That's quite different than what I've heard at previous jobs. I always think my manager is going to scream "YOU SUCK!"

I guess that's enough to chew on for now. I'll try to get my drafted post up and running today or tomorrow.


Michelle said...

What do you mean "regular people" . . . :-)

Meredith said...

I didn't mean regular people...what I meant was "the rest of the world." I appologize for hurting any feelings.

Michelle said...

Oh, you didn't hurt my feelings. I was just playin', seeing if you were paying attention! :-)