Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My first Boston should have been in 2004. Instead, I got a stress fracture in my foot and had to sit out. I ran Boston in 2005 and 2006, but despite training and going to the race last year I decided to skip the race due to the weather conditions. I ran the Flying Pig Marathon a few weeks later to make up for it. This year I'm determined to run Boston, but I'm starting to feel like it's a jinxed race for me.

I have had the weirdest sensation in my foot, and I'm starting to get a little worried it may be a stress fracture developing. I have no pain in my foot, but I do have this weird numbness and pins and needles thing going on. It's like there is a shaft inside my foot that sometimes it contracts and sometimes it releases. I'm hesitant to talk to the doctor about it because I HAVE TO run Boston this year.

There is only a few weeks left of training. I am going to eliminate the speedwork and add in more cross training. This is my 10th marathon and I don't have another one planned so it's important to be able to get to the finish line AND the start line.

Bonus: If you want to know the outcome of my National Anthem audition check it out here.

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Mer! said...

Hey Meredith! I got your msg. on my blog! I didn't know where to respond, so here is my response! Thx so much for posting!!

Meredith---that is SO funny--we have some more things in common too--my brother-in-law whose name is Jeff is from Ohio!! AND my husband Dave is running the Boston Marathon in a few weeks so we will be in Boston! Ya know, I don't have a sister named Amy--but we have two dogs, do you have pets =0.? Hehe..

YOU HAVE to run Boston! It would be hilarious to meet up with you guys! It's Dave's first time running Boston so we're stoked to head back to the East coast for a bit!

I would love to read your blog to get some running tips (it's the hardest part of the 3 sports for me!).....and I checked out your photography website--wow, you are one talented chick! Gorgeous pictures!

Hopefully my blog is somewhat entertaining, I write kind of like I talk =0, long-winded and neverending =0 (can you tell!) =0 Thanks for posting!