Friday, March 21, 2008

March Madness

It’s about four weeks until the marathon. This is my least favorite time of training. Not only are the miles high, but the soreness is at a premium. To say this week’s training has gone badly is an understatement. It’s Friday and I’ve run a whopping 7.35 miles. Total. My calves are so tight they feel like rubber balls. And I’m not talking about Nerf balls, I’m talking about dodge ball balls that should be soft but really aren’t.

But I have been doing some cross training this week so it’s not a total loss. Wednesday I swam 2500 yards: 4 X 200 warm-up, 1500 main, and 4 X 50 cool-down. Yesterday I got on my bike and spun for 45 minutes.

This weekend I have a 20 miler on tap. And I HAVE TO do it. The finish line is in sight, but I need to pull it together and concentrate for the next two weeks.

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Andrea said...

too funny: this morning I was thinking that it was 4 weeks.. which really does mean that we shouldn't be doing 20, we should do it next week (3 weeks out) so we can start the danged taper!