Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Live Life

The husband and I are not your typical Mr. and Mrs. We started dating around the time that most of our friends got married. We noticed that when our friends were dating they would becoming a couple and only do couple things with their couple friends. Dave and I had been friends before we started dating so when we said, yes we're going to be a couple, we made a decision together to not cut out our friends just because we are now a couple. And we've kept to this promise. Eight and a half years later we still hang out with our single friends, as a couple. We still hang out with our friends with kids, as a couple. We still work really hard to be good friends with people even if we're not at the same point in our lives as others.

Dave and I choose to live life. We always have and always will. We don't like to follow rules or adapt to societal norms. That's just not us. And we do things because we should without really thinking about it.

Last year Dave and I took our epic trip to Italy for two weeks. People said to get it out of our systems because we wouldn't be able to travel like that once we have kids. We crinkled our noses and said, why? Why would we not want to teach our child the love of travel and allow them to see the world? If we ever do decide to have a child, we would not put our plans on hold, our plan would include him/her. And travel would definitely be in the plans.

Next year we're going back to Europe. Since Jeff let the cat out of the bag in one of his comments, we're going big with Ironman. Why drive four hours down the road to Louisville for the biggest event in our lives? We're flying half way around the world to do this epic adventure in Austria. Yep, we're doing Austria.

2008 and 2009 are all going to be about going big. You all know the life list, right? Things are getting checked off the list fast. This weekend, I'm hoping to accomplish another on the list. I have been accepted to audition to sing the National Anthem at a Clipper's game this season. The Clipper's are our Washington Nationals AAA farm team. Sure it's not Idol, but it's on the list. Then it's on to my 10th marathon and my first tattoo in April.

There are little things too that may not on the list that we just do because why miss out on the opportunities? Our beloved Buckeyes didn't make the NCAAs this year, but they are a #1 seed in the NIT tournament. Last night they hosted UNC-Ashville (with 7'7" Kenny George). Dave and I went and sat courtside. On the floor! Go big! Live life! On my birthday (April 16th) we're going to see Michael Buble in concert. Why? Because I'm a fan and he's coming to town. Do I know the price of the tickets? Nope, but that doesn't matter to me either. Finally, we're planning with a friend this summer to tour a few states on a weekend and see as many major league baseball games as we can.

Dave and I live life. We grab it by the horns and hold on tight. We love the adventure.

Are you living life?


jeff said...


sorry, i didn't mean to spill the beans. i'm so excited about imau. i was talking to a friend about the swim and he said part of it runs through a canal where people can cheer for you from the banks, only a few feet away. how cool will that be? i've never had cheering during the swim!

i really need to put my life list down on paper. i'm well into it at this point, but there are some fun epic things that i need to see in print in order to get my rump in motion.

good on you two for living life!

Meredith said...

It's not like we were keeping Austria a secret. We just haven't (and can't) sign up yet. We have the data marked on our calendar, though.

Dave has done a TON of research about the race itself. Look at the course map for the bike. It's a beast in places!

Dave said...


He's right about the swim. From what I can gather, it's about the last 800m that goes through the canal.

It's also an interesting run, in that it goes through the finish area 5 times, including T2. As I told Meredith, it's an out and back and out and back and out and back and out and back. :)