Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Things I Shouldn't Admit

This really isn't something I shouldn't admit, but has been a little embaressing this week.

When I was let go by the shoe company I worked for years ago, I continued to have my discount for several months. The last month the discount was available Dave and I bought 8 pairs of shoes between us. One of them each being a pair of running shoes to use as sneaker.

Side note: here in Ohio no one says sneakers. We use the word tennis shoes to imply sneakers.

Being that it's been 2-1/2 years since I departed the company, our shoes were starting to break down. Dave's had developed holes on the top and both of them had absolutely no tread left. So, this weekend we bought new sneakers to replace the old ones. I <3 my new shoes and I have worn them every day this week (I also <3 having a job where I can wear jeans and tennis shoes). But, now that they have tread on them, I have tripped all up and down the hallway at work. I tripped two times going from the front door to my desk just this morning.

Until I hit the deck, though, I just kinda shrug, smile, and say "new shoes!"

Another side note: Treaster, send me an e-mail, please. I need your e-mail address.


Marcus Grimm said...

If they "let you go," I'd consider it severance. Only worth feeling guilty if you'd quite. :)

jeff said...

please to explain what you mean by "less than three"-ing something.

i don't understand how math can be used in that context.


Meredith said...

Jeff--At Ohio State I learned a slew of great math in engineering school. Hence, that's why I'm a photographer. :)

Marcus--I was "downsized" and in addition to getting to keep my discount for a while, I also got paid for another 6 weeks and got to file for unemployment. Not bad considering I found another job before the payments ran out.

Anonymous said...

Jeff--I thought the same thing . . . ;-)
Meredith--I guess you found the address, right, as I got your email today.