Monday, January 02, 2012

December and 2011 Totals

I decided I don't really want to do an end-of-year wrap up. Sure there was major disappointment in 2011 but I don't want to dwell in it. Despite not finishing ironman again, I had successes this year including a new PR in the half ironman distance and winning my first triathlon. 2012 is a new chapter and it will be different and most importantly, FUN. I have done the hard-core racing thing. I have won races, set PRs and ran my dream races. 2012 I'm going to let my legs guide me through adventures at whatever speed they want to travel. I'm excited to be entering a new era without a map to follow.

December totals:

Run - 60.6 miles
Other - 1 hour (yoga)

2011 totals:

Swim - 193,625 meters

Bike - 2921.68 miles

Run - 935.25 miles

Other - 14.5 hours


a runners' life said...

Congrats on the half ironman PR and winning a triathlon - that's fantastic! By those numbers it looks like you worked hard in 2011.
All the best for 2012!

Katie said...

you WON a triathlon - that makes you awesome. ignore all the other garbage. :)

JFord said...

great totals on 2011! Here's to a better 2012!