Saturday, January 28, 2012

The dumbest thing I've ever heard

*Soapbox out*

Last night Dave and I went to Giant Eagle (big-box grocery store) to pick up some salads for dinner. Blame Pinterest but I also had a hankering for a fruity alcoholic drink too. After spending about a half an hour trying to decide if we could actually mix and make our own beverage, we just decided to pick up a pre-mixed Cosmopolitan (don't judge). We then went to check out. The woman working the register asked us BOTH for our IDs. Well, I don't like to carry a purse and we weren't going out to dinner so I didn't have anything with me. I told her that and she said she couldn't sell it to us then. W.T.F.!!!!!! I told her that she and her store policy were ridiculous. Neither of us look remotely 21 or younger anymore. And then we told her screw her and that we'd be taking our business elsewhere.

Here's the thing...what if I were Dave's child and he was buying himself a drink. Would they not sell it to him. What if I was younger than 16 and didn't have an ID yet. Would they deny the sale then? What if I went out to the car and let him finish the transaction. Is it okay then? This is the dumbest store policy I've ever heard. You'd better believe I'll be sending a letter.


Karen said...

that is weird... I have never heard of carding everyone, only the person actually buying. ditto what you said WTF

Melissa C said...

I have never heard of that. I have not bought alcohol in a super long time, so I don't know what most policies are. I didn't even know I lived in a dry county! However, I agree, that is strange.

Michelle said...

that does sound pretty stupid!