Monday, March 26, 2012

Week In Review

Good grief these reviews are boring! I'm still going strong with the run streak (well, strong is a subjective word) and this week I completed the push up challenge. More to come on that another day. Here we go...

Monday - Today was a speed/strength workout at the track. Dave and I warmed up with an easy mile and then did 5 X 400 sprints with 15 Turkish get-ups in between. I finished up with another 1.75 miles of cool down for a total of 4 miles. I also did the last exercises of the 100 push up challenge before going to the track. Push up total was 274.

Tuesday - Just a 4.5 mile local run from home that was a bit hilly and a bit quick: mile 1 - 9:01, mile 2 - 8:28, mile 3 - 8.38, mile 4 - 8:30, mile 0.5 - 8:29 pace.

Wednesday - A total of 4.3 miles as one mile with Dave and Sloopy and then the remaining 3.3 by myself. I got myself in trouble as a girl passed me at the turnaround spot and then I spent the next mile chasing her down and keeping her in my rearview all the way home.

Thursday - By Thursday I was just spent and didn't want anything to do with this running streak anymore. Yet, I went out and had a good 5 mile run with numb legs all the way.

Friday - Today was rough as I met Dave immediately after work and went to see The Hunger Games. Then my mom texted and wanted to see if we would have dinner at a local restaurant. By the time I got home, I was just not in the mood to run. And Jeff
had to make the decision to bow out (injury) of the March Run Streak, so now I was on my own. Regardless, I got my buns down to the basement and hopped on the treadmill for a whopping 1.2 miles.

Saturday - I woke up on Saturday not feeling so hot and just laid around most of the day. Soon it became afternoon and I had to run to get it in before the wedding we needed to work that night. Dave drug me around the neighborhood for 3 miles. Dave and I also rode our bikes to breakfast this morning for a total of 1.8 miles and a savings of 18 cents.

Sunday - I had intended to do a long run this week, but after thinking about it I just didn't care. This week has been a tough week of motivation, but I still got in all the runs. Today was another 3 mile neighborhood run that turned out better than expected. Now I kinda wish I had done the long run. Also on Sunday I conquered the 100 pushup challenge by easily getting through it. I have video evidence and will post it another day this week. Dave rode his bike to pick up breakfast and to pick up something from the Home Depot. He rode a total of 2.52 miles (we live really close to everything) for a savings of 25 cents. Sure these are not my miles but I'm keeping them to calculate how much money we're saving by riding our bikes.


Bike - 1.8 miles for me; 4.32 miles for Dave.

Run - 25 miles (not terrible considering I didn't do a long run)

Pushups - 374


Melissa C said...

I love how you are keeping track of your gas savings!

If I didn't have to haul the kids everywhere, I could stand to save a TON biking around. There are lots of great roads that are OK for an adult to ride on, but not pulling 2 kids, and then getting temperature sensitive items home is a problem. We are pretty far from everything. I miss that the kids can't ride their bikes to ice cream anymore, but there are way more pluses to this move than minuses.

Kat said...

Your "Week in Reviews" would fit right in at "Fitness Friday" link-up. What you are posting is what that's about... our fitness week!