Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Week, Another Track Workout

On paper, last night's track workout should have been easy. 

2 X 3200

The weird thing about the Run Less, Run Faster program is that they give you track workouts out to two miles, yet don't give you paces for that distance.  So Dave and I decided it should be short tempo pace which landed us at an 7:11/mile.  Shoot!  Compared to what we've been doing, this should be a cakewalk. 

Except it wasn't.  It seemed really hard, in fact.

We warmed up a mile and then got started.  As good as I am at pacing in a race, I'm pretty crappy at pacing on the track.  Heck, Dave wasn't even wearing a watch and he was pacing better than me.  We hit the first 1600 in 7:08 and then the second was at 7:02.  Too fast! 

After a 400 rest interval we tried again and did much better the second time.  The first 1600 was just over pace at a 7:13 and the second was dead on at a 7:11. 

I have to admit, track workouts give me anxiety.  The paces seem way outside of my abilities and frankly, scare me.  But, I know that these workouts are making me faster.  I better get used to them too, as I have a full summer of them preparing for the marathon.


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Intervals and Tempo runs are hard for me. Holding that pace for that long is difficult! However, they have made me much faster since I have been doing them! So, as much as I don't really like them, they are pretty great! Good work on the pace!

JFord said...

I wish I had a track where I could get to easily and do some workouts! I have had success in using the dreadmill for my interval runs!