Monday, May 21, 2012

Week In Review

It was a busy week last week with running, biking, and boothing.

Monday - Track day.  You can read about that workout here.

Tuesday - Finally, I got back to doing a little Crossfit.  Unfortunately, it involved rope climbing which is, obviously, not readily available in my basement.  So I substituted using my TRX and doing rows on it.  The workout (and kinda made a little easier with smaller reps and weights) was 3 X (10 TRX rows and 10 back squats at 65 pounds).  I was quite sore after this workout.

Wednesday - It was going to be a busy weekend (and it was) so I decided to get my long run out of the way.  Dave decided he was too sore to run with me so he rode his bike.  This was the last long run before the half marathon in two weeks.  12 miles averaging 7:56/mile.

Thursday - Bike day!  Dave decided to do his tempo run today so I biked 5 miles with him and provided him water and encouragement.  I also rode my bike for a few errands including the bank and grocery, which was a whopping 2.8 miles round trip.

Friday - I needed to get all my runs in before the weekend so even though I was crazy tired and sore, I had to do my tempo run today.  I started with a mile warm up and then did 5 miles at a 7:22.  It was so hot today that I went through two water bottles on this run.  I also created a nice little belly shirt for myself by tucking my shirt into the top of my sports bra.  Oh yeah, I was looking HAWT!

Saturday - We photo boothed for 15 hours straight.  Good gosh I was tired at the end of the day!

Sunday - Dave still had his long run to do and he was already throwing pity parties before we left, so I rode with him to help him.  It's so nice to have someone to go with you, especially on the bike, to provide you water and nutrition so you don't have to carry it yourself.  For me, it allows me to practice eating and drinking on the fly.  I also run much better with someone with me because I'm not in my head talking myself out of the run or the pace.  I'm hoping this summer that Dave and I can split training days so I can have him run with me especially on my long runs which start very, very soon.  First 20 miler is June 23rd!!

Weekly Totals:
Bike - 19.8 miles
Run - 24.5 miles
Other - 0.25 hours weight lifting.

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TriMOEngr said...

Another solid training week. I love the idea of having someone sherpa all your fluids and nutrition on a bike while you do long runs. So cool! Maybe I could enlist my kids to do that this summer as long as I don't go too long.