Sunday, July 28, 2013

Doing what a mother runner has to do

Dave had a race this morning.  What a cluster that was!  First of all, packet pick-up was only for five hours downtown at the Health and Fitness Expo.  So we hurried back from Michigan so he could make it on time.  The race was point-to-point starting up in Delaware at Alum Creek and finished downtown.  So he had to drop off his bike way up in Delaware also on Saturday.  When he got there he discovered that none of his gears would work.  Hoping that he could hook up with the bike mechanics in the morning, he left his bike racked.  By this point it was after 9:00pm and he picked up a pizza on his way home.  I put the baby to bed by myself on Saturday.  After dinner at 10:00, Dave did a little bit of work.  Then his alarm went off at 3:00am (!!!!!) today so that he could make it downtown to catch the shuttle at FIVE FREAKIN' AM!!! to get up to Alum Creek for his race start before 7:00.  Oh my stars!  Needless to say, Anderson and I stayed home and wished him luck on Saturday.

But that had nothing to do with the title of this post, sorta.

Um, I didn't run while I was in Michigan.  Like, at all.  Going into today I had a whopping 2 miles for the week.  That's not very much considering I'm supposed to be training for an ultra.  :)  Today I was supposed to run 15 trail miles, but really wanted to get it done early and not have to wait for Dave to get home from his race.  But, um, I have the baby.  What did I do?  I decided a mile is a mile is a mile so I hit the roads with Anderson in the BOB.  I had planned on the full 15 miles.  I had gels packed, water, diapers, etc.  What I didn't pack was a bottle and the run was dragging on a little longer than I intended.  So, I turned around at 4 miles to make it 8 miles instead of the full 15.  I planned on doing the remaining 7 miles later in the day on my own.  A mile is a mile is a mile, right?  (Those 7 miles never happened.)

By the way, I averaged sub-10:00s with the stroller for 8 miles.  Nice!!!

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Melissa C said...

nice job! Yeah, being a mother runner has it problems for sure. I've been there when Ryan is out riding. I've made it 16 I think with the double jogger. I remembered it taking about 30 minutes longer than it should have because of bathroom stops and food stops. A mile is a mile though.