Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Tuesday started out like any other day and ended with what seemed like the world's longest drive on the darkest roads I have ever been traveled.

My parents and my sister and her family are on vacation this week somewhere way up north in Michigan. The family was running a 5K on Tuesday morning and my mom sent me a cute picture of the family.

My dad, my sister, and all her kids.

Future marathoner - already sporting the hydration belt.

I started texting back and forth with my mom.  She mentioned the house they were staying in slept 18 and that Dave and I should come up for the rest of the week.  Dave and I both have very flexible jobs (he works remotely all the time, and I easily can).  I finished out my work day, headed home, and planted the seed with Dave.  Before we knew it, we had thrown everything except the kitchen sink in the car (I wish I had taken a picture) and put the dogs (we were dogsitting for my parents) in the kennel and we were off to the middle of nowhere Michigan.

The drive took forever - 7-1/2 hours-ish.  And it was a rough drive too because we didn't arrive until almost midnight and we had to drive these 55 mph backroads with tall trees on both sides and no street lights.  Three times we had to stop for deer to cross our path.  Finally we arrived at 11:40pm with a screaming baby and the whole house was asleep.  We settled into our basement bunk bed (oh yes!) and caught a few hours of sleep before our adventures began.

Stay tuned!

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