Monday, September 08, 2014

New Albany Walking Classic 10K 2014

Walking?  Well, walking is weird.  It's slow.  And once you're done walking you have to keep walking.  I thought I was done with walking as a form of exercise after I was done with pregnancy, but my mom and my sister asked me to do the New Albany Walking Classic with them this year and I agreed.  I didn't train a single step, but I figure if you're running 30+ miles a week, that's good enough.

 My mom, sister, and I pre-race.  We look like a freakin' Easter egg in those colors.

I didn't start my GPS so I have no idea how fast or how slow we were walking.  We just followed the masses.  My sister knew pretty much everyone along the course so she would stop and hug and say hello and we would fall further and further behind.  Soon I could see we were close to the end and I pushed to get us going a little faster.  I was NOT finishing last.

My dad, Dave, and Anderson followed along us on the course.  My dad was on his bike and Dave had the jogging stroller.  Anderson was the hit among the walkers as he cheered for all of them.

Anderson even joined me for a bit.

I found the walk enjoyable.  Amy and I talked throughout most of it.  My mom struggled a bit as the distance was far and pretty much stopped talking to us around mile 4.

Finally we reached the end - 2 hours and 10 minutes later.  Holy moly!

I think I'll stick with running.  :)

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Carina said...

My husband and I did the Bataan Memorial Death March short course (14ish miles) in March in NM and walked all of it except a few very congested sections in the first mile or two, and I was surprised how tough it was. In many ways it was like 4 hours on my feet of running, and I pretty much never run for 4 hours, so it was hard in its own way. Nice experience to share with your mom and sis!